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  • Garden Rooms

    High performance Garden Rooms Kings Lynn, Norfolk

    Garden Rooms Kings Lynn, Norfolk

    Enhance your garden with a versatile garden building to be used all year round

    Our Garden Rooms are designed specifically to be low maintenance and withstand the elements and time - their unique cross section composite material means they deliver traditional timber appearance with absolutely none of the additional upkeep.

    Garden Rooms are available Supply and Fit or Supply Only, in a range of different sizes with or without decking. They are fully adaptable and cheaper than moving house or adding an extension, making them a brilliant long term investment.

    Gym, bar, workshop, how would you use yours?...

    Our Garden Rooms are so versatile that you can use them for literally whatever you want! With the ability to create partitions and separate rooms, your space can even be used for multiple purposes e.g. a treatment room that doubles as storage for gardening equipment.

    She Shed

    She Shed

    Gin Palace

    garden room for quiet retreat Kings Lynn and Norfolk

    Quiet Retreat

    gymnasium garden room studio Kings Lynn and Norfolk

    Hot Tub Zone

    Hot tub composite garden room Kings Lynn Norfolk


    Home Gymnasium Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Games Room

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Man Cave

    Man cave garden building Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Home Office

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Party Room

    Party Room composite garden building Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Low Maintenance

    Grained effect wood composite encapsulated in a co-extruded high polymer skin providing an impermeable layer of protection from staining, scratching, mildew and fading.

    garden building with canopy hot tub shelter Kings Lynn Norfolk
    • 55% recycled timber 35% recycled PVC polymer

    • Skinned / co-extruded system

    • 3x times more thermally efficient than traditional timber garden building

    • Embossed woodgrain effect

    • Rich authentic wood tones with dual finish options

    • Low maintenance

    • Thermally efficient to use your Garden Building all year round

    • No plastering or decorating as the walls are self-finished

    Highly Insulated Walls

    Our low maintenance, authentic timber grain effect walls are available in a range of single and dual colour options

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Light Grey

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Dark Grey

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Dark Grey on White

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Walnut on White

    Corner Post and Connectors

    Available in the same colour to match the walls or use a different colour to create a contrasting design

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Light Grey

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk

    Dark Grey

    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk


    garden room games room for teenager Kings Lynn Norfolk


    High Performance Garden Rooms

    Ideal for Work, Rest and Play! – How Would You Use Yours?

    The Gin Palace

    Pool Room

    Versatile Garden Spaces

    Garden Room Build

    Features and Benefits

    We are the latest innovation in Garden Rooms

    Timber Effect Garden Rooms
    Timber Effect
    No Painting Garden Rooms
    No Painting
    Highly Insulated Garden Rooms
    Highly Insulated
    Weatherproof Garden Rooms
    Low Maintenance Garden Rooms
    Low Maintenance
    Quick Installation Garden Rooms
    Quick Installation
    High Security Garden Rooms
    High Security
    UV Performance Garden Rooms
    UV Performance

    No Rotting, Painting or Staining

    A traditional wooden Garden Building can quickly become worn down, faded with extensive problems due to being constantly exposed to the elements, and to keep them in good condition they require regular maintenance, which is both time expensive and time consuming for those who have to take care of it.

    Our Garden Rooms are made up of a unique blend of recycled wood and plastic polymers, producing a composite wooden products, which provides excellent weather resistance, high thermal insulation.

    They are designed and manufactured to be 100% maintenance free structures and you will never have to worry about painting, staining or sanding your Garden room since they are guaranteed to not rot or warp.

    Authentic Timber Effect Garden Rooms Kings Lynn
    Low Maintenance Garden Rooms Kings Lynn

    Authentic Timber Effect

    Looks just like wood, feels just like wood, outperforms wood

    You will truly need to see our products to believe the extremely remarkable resemblance they have to their Timber counterpart.

    We have rigorously tested, researched and designed our products to ensure that we can provide you with a product that truly combines the best of traditional timber looks utilising modern materials and techniques.

    Choose from our extensive range of colours and finishes to ensure that you have the Timber-look of your dreams, and we can assure that you will have a beautiful addition to your home that maintains its beauty whatever the conditions.

    Four Natural Timber Shades

    Choose the perfect colour that’s just right for your garden, or even mix and match to create your own unique garden room.

    Wild Brown Garden Rooms

    Light Grey

    Salt Lake Silver Garden Rooms

    Dark Grey

    Antique Ash Garden Rooms


    Ancient Black Garden Rooms


    See how quickly we can turn your dreams into reality

    We utilise a revolutionary new concept “The Great British Ground Screw” to provide a firm solid base for your new Garden Building. The advantages of using ground screws is that there is no need for excavation work and so no need to turn the garden upside down. Ground screws can be installed anywhere you normally dig to concrete.

    Want more information on our Garden Rooms?

    Visit our dedicated Garden Rooms Website for more information on our high performance garden rooms or Request a Callback at a time that suits you.